LittleAqua Parent Portal

We are delighted to announce that our brand new parent portal is now ACTIVE!

LittleAqua have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to develop a new system to allow parents better control and access to their swimmers schedule, progress, catch up lessons and much more.

We have created a completly bespoke piece of software with local specialists, i-Dash. The system has been created based on your feedback and we hope it will improve your overall experience with LittleAqua.

With the system being custom built, we have done our very best behind the scenes to try and find the 'bugs' - however we are expecting their to be some areas that need tweaking, fixing or improving. Please be assured, we will be doing all this as quickly as possible.

You should have recieved your prompt to create a password, however if this is not the case - please contact your site manager.

Some of the most common errors that you may find: 

  • Your swimmers information (such as spelling, age, venue) is listed incorrectly. Please drop your site manager a message and we will update this immediately. 
  • Some swimmers Direct Debit payments have not automatically linked to their parent accounts. We are manually updating this and it will take a little time, we will contact you personally if there are any issues with swimmers subscriptions so please do not worry if the system is prompting you to create a direct debit.
  • Our direct debit software would not allow past payments to be listed on your payment history page, however once your account is linked - it will show all payments made to LittleAqua going forward.
  • You cannot book catch ups? This may be because there are no catch ups at your swimmers level and age - however if you're in doubt, our team in the office are just a call away to help.
  • How do I find the website? The link is below and can also be accessed by the old catch up page. It will be embedded directly in to our website very shortly too.


Now the negative bits are out the way, here is a brief overview of what we hope the new system will allow you all to do....

  • Overview: See a quick look at your swimmers details, upcoming lessons (including catch ups) and their latest written progress report. 
  • Progress: This will display your swimmers achievements as a timeline, giving you a visual of how fantastic they are doing!
  • Lessons: This details of when, where and who your upcoming lessons are with. If you need to cancel any lessons, please log on to here and cancel your session, it will automatically notify our team and add a catch up to your account. It is also where you can now access our online catch list, allowing you to see only lessons that your swimmer is eligable for (based on their age and level). If you have any problems booking catch ups, please contact the office in the old fashioned way and we will be happy to help!
  • Payments: This will give you an overview of the fee's you have paid for your swimmer to date. Please note that payments made before the system went live or your direct debit was linked to your parent portal will not be listed.
  • Request a Callback: This function will give you a simple way to contact your site manager about any queries. Please complete the message box and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please log on here: https://la.i-dash.co.uk/Account/Login

We hope you enjoy the new system and welcome any constructive feedback (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) as we will be looking to develop and build on it going forward.

Nick Parker
Operations Manager