Our Teaching Method

Our way of teaching is unique. We have small ratios and a ‘hands on approach’ for students. We ensure the basics are taught correctly using no buoyancy aids - all swimmers will be able to float unaided on their front and back before the strokes are taught. Having the correct body position is fundamental in learning to swim the correct technique of each stroke.


“ We strongly believe that each student is unique and we treat all students as individuals. ”


LittleAqua has been designed to teach all classes in either 1:1 or 2:1 ratio, with 100% attention and time given to the students’ progression and enjoyment. We follow our own tailored award scheme - each student receives a progression book in order to follow their progression. The scheme of work is designed so each swimmer can progress at their own pace and see their own achievements. All swimmers have their own personal file, consisting of their swimming achievements, personal records and all communication between parents and teachers - this file is updated weekly after each lesson. This enables us to print a report each term for parents so you can see how your child is progressing.


LittleAqua has been set up by Danielle Moyser and Jeremy Burridge. Both are qualified swimming instructors, who have over 20 years experience of running successful swim schools and teaching all ages and abilities.

The rest of the ever growing team are fully trained LittleAqua teachers who share their ethos and passion for teaching, they are; Gemma Maitland, Kristina Hull, Hannah Chandler, Nick Parker, Marc Brock, Chris Johnston, Catharine Butlin, Coralie Miller, Ryan Newell, Verna Scott-Culkin, Vicky Whitley, Michelle Brown, Charlotte Maitland, Josh Earles, Sarah Coleman-Bragg, Stacey Taylor, Tabby Scott-Culkin, Catherine Smith, Daniel York, Frankie Baldock, Jo Careford, Kat Hubbard, Katie McGowen, Katrina Ansell, Elizabeth Burkes, Liam Littlefair, Ollie Williams, Izzy Coward & Nichola Fitzgibbon.

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We currently teach at venues across Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire including Cambourne, Bourn, Highfields Caldecote, St Neots, Biggleswade, Buckden, St Ives and Thorncote Green.

Check out exactly where we teach on our Venues page.

We are always looking to expand so be sure to look out for LittleAqua near you soon.