We offer a variety of lessons in the swimming world.

All sessions follow our term dates and run 42 weeks of the year.

Take a look below at what we can offer you.


These classes are at a 1:1 ratio. Your child receives 100% teaching attention and time during the lesson making their progression quicker. These lessons are perfect if group lessons really are not working or you feel your child will benefit with no distractions. Private lessons are for half an hour each week and prices start at only £110pcm. 


These classes are at 2:1 ratio with 2 swimmers of similar ability. These lessons are ideal for 2 children that are best friends - they will have lots of fun together whilst helping each other progress. It is not essential to sign up with a swimming buddy - we can also match children together who are similar age and ability. Semi-private lessons are for half an hour each week and prices start at just £60pcm.

Club Sessions

These sessions are for advanced swimmers in a non-competitive club training setting. It allows swimmers to swim in a competitive environment, but still have the guidance of their coaches to improve all aspects of the "advanced swimmer". Advanced sessions are for 30 minutes or 1 hour each week and paid on a monthly basis.

Disability Swimming

Over the years we have taught children with various disabilities. We will sit down with you parents and discuss your child’s needs and ability before we do anything. We then carry out our swimming teaching in an adapted style to ensure the swimmer progresses at their own pace. We work off the same award to let your child know they are not ‘different’ from the rest. Disability sessions are all 1:1; however we offer a heavily discounted rate from £90pcm.

Crash Course

Our crash courses are a 1-1 lesson each day for 5 days, this is a great way to work on develop skills and techniques.

Summer Camp

Each day of the summer camp will include multi skills and games that are designed to help speed, stamina and co coordination within the pool. The day is rounded up by a swimming lesson where all the skills can be practised.



We have parent and child classes for ages 0 - 2 1/2 that consist of ability specific teaching. Lessons for children from 3-6 months is completely FREE of charge! Lessons prices then start from £45pcm, contact us today to find out more about our baby swim scheme.